My name

is Michael A johnson jr

I write poetry, poems, story’s, romance I have a book that is soon to be released in very humble just love to share my experience in life with love & pain
Hope you all enjoy 😁🙏

I survived

I survived the struggle
and I finally stepped out of the rain
But some how? someone!
always brings me back to the pain
im sorry but excuse me
if I sound a little insane
but most of my page
I write in a cycle of tragedy and rage
But i guess truthfully
I am to blame
When I search for love
each and everyone I meet
always turn out the same
I just pray my kids
don’t have this curse in their veins. @mylifethroughpoetryeyes

Come home 😥

I’ll give up everything
for one more touch
I never thought
I would miss it so much
my heart screams your name
I need to hold you
to ease this pain
so if
you are reading this
come home
I’m going insane


some things in my life
I can’t shake
even with the well of God
I always seem to break
I’m at war with myself
and I will not win
I am a man
who is in love with sin

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